Dear Neighbors,

Thank you! It’s been a joy to represent you and participate in the American experiment in democracy as your State Representative in District 38A. Recently, I announced my retirement and will not be running for re-election this fall.

The work at the Capitol calls for a person with broad-based experience, qualifications, and connections. I believe that person is Donald Raleigh, a 25-year resident of our area, successful small business owner, distinguished military veteran, community volunteer, family man, church-goer, and gun safety instructor.

I am 100% in support of Donald Raleigh! I urge you to get to know him and support him. Donald has also received the Republican endorsement for State Representative. Vote for Donald Raleigh in the Primary Election on August 11thand the General Election on November 3rd.

Donald Raleigh Speaks Out Against Defunding the Police
Donald recently addressed the movement in Minneapolis to defund the police: “We are seeing a movement among the radicals to defund our brave men and women in uniform. It goes against all common sense to defund the police and make our communities less safe. Maintaining the public order is a requirement of governing in a civil society.”

Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email. Your thoughts are appreciated. My email is, and my phone is 651-296-2907.  I hope Donald Raleigh can count on your vote.


Linda Runbeck, State Representative